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Looking To take your Ski Resort to the Next Level?

An  airbag will grab anyone's attention and can be used by people of every skill level. We provide airbags that suit both  advanced skiers as well as beginners. 

Mid-Air Ski Airbag, white & gold

The S-Shaped Ski Airbag

This is the recommended airbag shape for ski jumping. The sloped landing not only makes it safer due to the softer impact, but it also provides jumpers with a similar feeling to a real landing. This helps in learning tricks with the correct angle, allowing for comfortable progression to real jumps.

Video From our Awesome supplier

Ski airbag with stopper

Skiing All Year Round

With a stopper at the end of your airbag you have the possibility to improve your tricks all year round! Get a dry slope ramp with your airbag and you can ride even on the summer! 

Ski Airbag at Winter,
Bike Airbag at Summer

Ski airbag and bike airbag

This airbag style will take up a bit more space but makes it possible to use the same airbag but for bikeing on the summer.

Skier in mid-air

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